Are People the Heartbeat of Your Leadership?

If you struggle to get the results you want as a leader, the solution may be simpler than you think. 

Every problem can be solved with people—the heartbeat of business.

Practice the 6 Pulses of Heartbeat Leadership from Dawn S. Kirk and achieve breakthrough success for you and those you lead!

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    About Dawn S. Kirk

    Dawn S. Kirk has coached, trained, and developed more than 10,000 associates in Fortune 100 companies using her Heartbeat Leadership method. She has spent over 26 years working with #1 Consumer Packaged Goods companies across sales, finance, marketing, operations, national accounts, and commercial sectors.

    For sixteen of those years, she held senior executive positions with Frito-Lay, Inc. (PepsiCo) and The Coca-Cola Company, leading teams as large as 5,000 employees through organizational growth, transformations, and transitions. 

    She has earned numerous awards, including Georgia’s 100 Most Powerful and Influential Women, and was inducted into the VIP Woman of the Year Circle by the National Association of Professional Women. 

    Dawn created BestU4Life to help corporate executives and their organizations take a People-First approach to unleash untapped potential and translate strategy into best-in-class execution. Dawn believes that people are the heartbeat of every business, and no matter what the problem is, it can be solved through people.

    Dawn lives with her husband of twenty-six years, Tony Kirk, and their two teenage sons, Kendall and Kristopher, near Atlanta, Georgia. She is actively involved in her church and contributes as a member of the church board.

    What People Are Saying

    Your people are your most important asset and the engine that keeps an organization running. Building great teams who share your mission, vision, and values is essential when driving and thriving, especially in difficult times. One clogged artery, or someone who doesn’t share that vision, can prove deadly. A leader’s role is to empower their people to evangelize the organization and Dawn’s book provides 6 key elements that determine whether you’ll either need CPR or an undertaker.

    Jeffrey Hayzlett Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author And Part-Time Cowboy

    This book is a must read for all leaders who want to raise performance and nurture the heart of the organization at the same time—it’s people. Many organizations talk about a “people-first approach” to their business, but their actions speak only to financial results. Heartbeat Leadership is a simple, effective playbook that follows “Six Pulses” to empower leaders, guide them to better engagement with their teams, and make a stronger impact on the organization.

    Dennis Adamovich Former CEO-College Football Hall Of Fame

    My good friend Dawn Kirk has put together a remarkable book. But the best part of this book is she spent decades living it. This is not just theory. This is like Michael Jordan writing a book about basketball; you’d better believe she knows what she’s talking about. Her results speak for themselves. Simply put, this book will change your leadership and your life!

    Lee Allen Jenkins Senior Pastor & Author, Eagles Nest Church

    Dawn Kirk’s book Heartbeat Leadership is a smart, evidence-based work on leadership in this era. It is based on lessons learned from her years in corporate America where she implemented many of the exact strategies to bring out the best in people. It is a must-read for anyone looking to take their leadership to the next level in the most productive way.

    Jeff Sheehan President, Sheehan Marketing Strategies

    Heartbeat Leadership perfectly exemplifies the purpose and values that guide Dawn Kirk in all she does and who she is as a person and a leader. Whether you are new to leadership or a seasoned veteran, the insights and experiences throughout Heartbeat Leadership apply in pursuit of your best self!

    Glen Walter President North America, Mondelēz International

    There are many people who talk about how to be a more effective leader, but in Heartbeat Leadership Dawn Kirk outlines a simple, yet profound approach, backed by modern research, to achieve more by putting people first.

    Teri P McClure General Counsel And Chief Human Resources Officer For UPS (retired)

    Dawn provides a best-in-class perspective on excelling as a Fortune 50 executive in Heartbeat Leadership. She strikes an unprecedented balance of theory and practice applicable regardless of your position in the marketplace. Her unique style and people-centered approach challenges conventional thinking yet positions you for sustained growth in your life and career.

    Anthony Flynn Founder/Amazing CEO

    Some leaders inspire ambition without results. Some improve results but ignore the spirit. In Heartbeat Leadership, Dawn Kirk advocates for the rare, third type of leadership, one that raises performance and nurtures the heart of the company— it’s people.

    Jacqueline M. Walters M.D Comprehensive Women’s OB/GYN, Managing Partner; Owner, JMW Entertainment

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      Before you know it, you’ll be acting on her practical Pulse Checks designed to empower you, engage your team, and impact your organization.

      Veteran corporate leader Dawn S. Kirk shares her proven six Pulses of Heartbeat Leadership to empower leaders: 

      • Priorities: The Purpose of Leadership. 
      • Preparation: The Energy of Leadership. 
      • People: The Power of Leadership. 
      • Processes: The Drivers of Leadership.  
      • Performance: The Metrics of Leadership. 
      • Promotion: The Growth of Leadership. 

      When leaders embrace the Six Pulses and put them to work, the results are nothing short of amazing!

      Discover the secret behind real success: PEOPLE are the heartbeat of business.

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